Open deck shipping built on enterprise technology

Easily manage transportation on our platform and gain access to the largest open deck network in North America.

EXO Freight Dashboard
Why EXO Freight?
Analyze freight network in real-time
Easily book trucks
and manage orders
Visibility and transparency to your freight
Connect to existing
ERP/TMS systems
Manage, control and understand freight spend
Gain access to our capacity and manage tendering to your incumbent carriers
Access to largest open dech carrier marketplace
Monitor key

Digitizing freight departments

Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

Solutions built by EXO Freight
EXO Freight

Solutions built by Experts

Solutions built for small to large shippers looking to leverage our open deck carrier network.



Management of your transportation network by our experts.



Manage your loads with our custom-built TMS, and work with all your carriers, whether they are through EXO or not.


EXpert Team

We integrate with existing TMS and ERP platforms via EDI or API.


Start working with EXO Freight today and become a part of an expanding network of open deck carriers.


Gain access to the largest open deck carrier network.