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EXO Freight launches Carrier Portal to further support purely digital transactions.
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EXO Freight’s Carrier Portal Launch

In logistics over the last 5-7 years we’ve seen a slew of technology released that aims to help drivers in different ways. Fuel Cards, Loadboards, Factoring, Dispatch, Trucking Operating Systems, TMS’s for carriers, etc. These technologies though good are always missing one key component and the hardest part of the ecosystem.

The load.

By building companies that dance around the line of actually owning the transaction it’s almost impossible to control the experience for the driver thus always giving a sub par experience.

These apps and companies:

  • show you loads but the details may be incorrect because they are from a third party (loadboards)
  • Tracks your location in exchange for showing you more available loads
  • Give you access to capital for fuel but don’t have a connection to your future revenue to help fund the fuel thus adding to your workflow to pay these cards off.
  • Factor your load for a fee between 1.5% - 5% but requires you to generate your own invoice.

At EXO Freight we focused on getting the load first and building out a shipper network that will allow us to streamline the Open Deck carrier experience. Now that we’ve started to gain mass with our shippers we’re happy to announce that we have officially released our Carrier Portal. This is a web-first and mobile-ready application that does not require a driver to download an app or even remember a username and password while remaining completely secure.

We’ve created an app that is the least invasive and easy to use while delivering a lot of the features that you would expect.

  • Search loads
  • Manage your current loads
  • Upload BOL and documents on finished loads
  • Add/update payment methods
  • Get paid through EXO Freight Quick Pay
EXO Freight Carrier Portal

The most important part of this application is that since we’ve thoughtfully crafted our customer base around high volume open deck freight, this allows us to show carriers the right load at the right time. Since Exo Freight owns these loads, we can also control the price and negotiation with the carrier.

See something you like but we can’t meet on price? Negotiate through our quote system or call your assigned carrier representative.

Since our soft launch with a small group of flatbed carriers, we’ve seen adoption go through the roof with up to 10-20% of our total load bookings per day happening directly through our portal. We’re able to achieve these numbers for 4 reasons:

  1. Our loads are real and we’re able to show prices to drivers.
  2. Offering density to flatbed carriers that traditionally operate in a < 500-mile radius.
  3. Our Carrier Sales Representatives are technology first and have been pitching automated bookings from day one.
  4. We’ve formed a top-tier engineering team that has been trained in the office about logistics all the way down to shadowing carrier calls regularly to understand what carriers are saying first hand.

We are hitting all the marks as to how we turn an analog flatbed company into an automated marketplace for open deck shipping and now we are inviting all of our carriers to book, quote, and give feedback on our newest iteration.

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