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Introducing EXO Freight On Demand Capacity

EXO Freight is excited to introduce our latest innovation, On Demand Capacity - a state-of-the-art transportation quoting and booking tool designed specifically for open deck shippers. For the first time, shippers of all sizes can conveniently book open deck transportation using our unique platform.

Addressing the Challenges Faced by Open Deck Shippers

Traditionally, open deck shippers have grappled with limited tools in the industry to accurately understand the real pricing of open deck shipments and find reliable execution. EXO Freight's On Demand Capacity addresses these challenges head-on. Our transportation network has been built from scratch, connecting open deck carriers to open deck shippers while employing sophisticated pricing algorithms trained on accurate data to deliver the true cost of a shipment backed by real execution.

A top 3 building materials distributor in the US shared their experience with the tool, stating, "We've tried pricing tools from some of the larger load board players, but found that their flatbed pricing simply didn't provide rates that translated to the real world. EXO Freight's pricing algorithm absolutely reflects real-world pricing, and they've backed it up with the execution. They are our top performing carrier in our network, and have proven value beyond the load!"

The Story Behind On Demand Capacity

EXO Freight was founded on the belief that open deck shippers deserve better. They often have to deal with a limited pool of carriers and brokers, and even new-age digital solutions have fallen short of expectations. Our story for this product is driven purely by customer demand. Upon proving our ability to execute, customers began to share their challenges and quickly saw us as the potential partner to help them overcome these issues.

Kurtis Tryber, CEO and Co-Founder, explained, "We've spent the last 12 months building the foundation for a tool like this to exist, which is a pricing algorithm that's our own and a carrier network that can ensure every price is backed up by a real truck. We're proud to offer all of these features inside an easy web interface or via API, allowing us to operate at scale!"

What to Expect from On Demand Capacity

EXO Freight GIF of the shipper portal

Instant Quotes: Access single lane quotes or multi-lane quotes for up to 30 days in advance through our shipper portal, all backed by guaranteed capacity.

Export Pricing Data: Upload spreadsheets of lanes and explore thousands of pricing data points to help customers navigate pricing exercises for RFPs or weekly mini bids.

API Integration: Use our web portal for one-off access or integrate our pricing API directly into existing TMS solutions like Oracle OTM.

EXO Freight's On Demand Capacity tool is the first of its kind for open deck shippers, allowing them to book open deck freight as effortlessly as booking a flight. To learn more or sign up for an account, contact our sales team at


Start working with EXO Freight today and become a part of an expanding network of open deck carriers.


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