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Item Management in our Shipper Portal

Update on Item Management in the Shipper Portal

We've introduced an update to our Shipper Portal to enhance the management of frequently shipped items. This improvement aims to streamline your experience by reducing the need to repeatedly enter details for items you ship regularly.

Over-Dimensional Quote Tool

How to Create and Modify Items

Items can now be added and edited directly from the new Items page within the portal. You also have the option to create new items during the load booking process. This update is designed to make the setup process more efficient, saving you time for other important tasks.

Invoice Management Tool

What’s Next: Carrier and Facilities Management

We're currently developing a carrier management feature to further simplify the shipment process. This feature will allow direct assignments of shipments to contracted carriers, leveraging automated tracking and tendering capabilities. Additionally, we are planning to introduce a facilities management feature, which will facilitate the management of shipping locations, making it easier to specify origins and consignees. Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.


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