Drive More, Spend Less: ExoFreight Introduces New Fuel Program for Carriers

EXO Freight's recently unveiled Fuel program is a thoughtful initiative for carriers aimed at easing the burden of fuel expenses. By providing an opportunity to save thousands per year on fuel, the program simplifies the process of locating local fuel discounts. Carriers can reserve fuel through the app and redeem it effortlessly at the station with a code.

The user-centric design of EXO Freight's Fuel program reflects an understanding of the carriers' operational challenges, offering a practical solution to one of the major cost factors in transportation. The program showcases EXO Freight’s dedication to streamlining operational hurdles, allowing carriers to focus more on delivering value.

Moreover, the EXO Fuel account operates as a business bank account for carriers. The debit card associated with your Fuel account ensures carriers not only gain from fuel savings but also have the flexibility of using the card for any non-fuel related expenses. Whether you need instant access to the funds in your Fuel account for unexpected expenses or regular operational costs, this card has got you covered.

The convenience of finding, reserving, and redeeming fuel discounts through a single app is seen as a step towards modernizing fuel management for carriers.

This new program is more than just about fuel savings; it's about fostering a conducive environment for carriers to operate efficiently. By aiding in reducing the cost of fuel, carriers are better positioned to allocate resources to other vital areas of their operations, potentially leading to enhanced service delivery and growth.

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