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EXO Freight launches industry-first open deck capacity marketplace

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 4th, 2021 - EXO Freight – the industry’s first open deck capacity marketplace for shippers and carriers.
EXO Freight Open Deck Bannar

Who Is Exo Freight?

EXO Freight’s identity is derived from three words, (E)Execution, (X)Intersection, and (O)Optimization. There are two competing forces in the industry - the new-age digital brokerage firms and the traditional incumbent firms. We combine execution of the tried and true incumbent firms and intersect with the optimization of our proprietary built, open deck, managed marketplace platform.  Creating the industry's first open deck capacity market.


EXO Freight was founded because we see an industry that is being overlooked and underserved.  Flatbed shippers and carriers are both looking for solutions that do not exist today.  Open deck capacity consists largely of fleets under ten power units.  Shippers rely on the regional knowledge of these small companies to create local networks.  Carriers must lean on tools designed as a catch-all for dry van and reefer fleets with flatbed as an afterthought.

Where does EXO fit in?

EXO is the first managed digital marketplace, specifically catered to the nuance and needs of open deck carriers and shippers. Shipper tools to eliminate managing their business on spreadsheets, and free carrier tools to allow frictionless booking, tracking, and instant settlement.  

Where do we go from here?

With our launch official, we are excited to grow with our existing customers and meet new ones, as well as deepening relationships with our carrier partners and expanding our shared network.  In the coming months, the industry can look forward to us releasing additional shipper and carrier technology. If you’re eager to learn more, reach out to our President, Jake Mcleod,


Start working with EXO Freight today and become a part of an expanding network of open deck carriers.


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